Ria Opperman

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Just another barefoot desert child out of Namibia with too much thoughts in my mind and too few words in my mouth to say them.

"Vlinderkind" - (poems and here-and-there-thoughts) This poem was my first try towards a publication and for which I received an ATKV reward in 2017. Some of my poems out of "Vlinderkind" was placed among with 16 other poets artworks ,who also received ATKV Nominations, in a bundle called "Stemme Uit Namibia 1" which was released early in 2018 .

Without any formal education in poetry, I write for the love of Afrikaans and also to get things off of my chest. I keep myself busy with wooden artwork and leather branding. I mostly brand my poems or Psalms down on the leather but sometimes on anything that ranges from motorcycles to portraits.

For those of you who wants to learn more, you can check out my Facebook Page "Paar Los Gedagtes", On there you will find a few of my poems and a few of other poets' works.

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