Peter Pyp

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PieterPyp is the perfect tool to get your fire going. It is easy to transport and you will never struggle to get your fire going again.

I designed PieterPyp which I created and patented a prototype. I then created 10000x Pieter Pipes, I enjoyed creating the wording of the product which included the slogan, logo etc.In 9 months everything was finalized.

“Services for the Blind” did the packaging, although it was not perfect as some of the packaging came loose, I still believe I did the right thing by using their services. On the same day we went to collect our order, we went to a pharmaceutical firm from which they bought 1000 PieterPipes to give as presents to the doctors and pharmacists. The best thing of this whole process was that me and my wife can enjoy ourselves to the fullest together.

Meanwhile, I enjoy giving Pieter Pipes as presents to special people, plus it also gets sold in 3 chain stores.

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