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Important Information before listing

  1. Vendors / Listers must be approved by a website administrator.
  2. Products considered for listings must be handmade.
  3. No Re-selling of products are allowed on (Re-Selling means : you are selling and you have not created or designed it)
  4. If a Vendor / Lister is selling his / her product at another event event or website, other than, prices must be the same as listed here.
  5. If a Vendor / Lister wants his / her product to be featured on the ‘HOME PAGE’ of, extra charges will be applicable
  6. The Vendor / Lister will notify Admin which product he/she wants to be featured.
  7. Extra charges for special features will be N$50.00 per product per month
  8. Nobody may discriminate on any of: Race, Color, National Origin, Religion,Gender,Disability Or any other characteristic protected under applicable law
  9. It is your responsibility as buyer or seller to know your local laws and any legal regulations on discrimination that might apply to you.
  10. Vendors / Sellers : you are responsible for shipping your sold items to the buyer.
  11. By selling on you agree to:
    • Provide an accurate ‘SHIPPED FROM’ address
    • Specify your processing time in your SHOP on the website.
    • Mail a quote promptly after receiving your order
    • Include Shipping Costs and Insurances
    • Shipping of items means, within minimum 14days of purchase, unless you specified otherwise in your processing time or agree to a different shipping period with the buyer through conversations, which will be copied in to Admin at all times.
    • Comply with all local international shipping and customs regulations.
    • By entering tracking information on the website, you are giving us permission to collect and share the tracking information received from your chosen shipping carrier, with the buyer.
    • Keep on record your valid proof of shipping details in the unlikely event of an order that did not arrived.
  12. None of the following products or services may be offered on this website
    1. No pornography of any sex related products or services
    2. No images that are not child friendly.
    3. No Spiritual or witchcraft, drugs, spells and superstitious items or activities of any nature


  • Please take care that your photo images are clear and well presented. Remember: It is your “ONLINE SHOP” and your images sell your business.
  • Photo sizes may not exceed 1MB. (Perfect size for fast loading time is between 100 and 500kb)
  • Use a background colour to emphasize your photo.
  • Specify your product sizes, weights and description as clear as possible

Leather Shoes For Babies has the right to refuse your listing or remove your listing if you do not comply with its rules. Also read the Terms and Conditions.