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How to upload your products

How to upload your Products

Once you have opened your shop you will be able to start uploading your products. Please keep in mind that an administrator will first need to approve your product before it will appear on your shop page.

It is easy to add your products, please follow the steps below and if you get stuck you are always welcome to reach out to us.


Please ensure you have the following ready to upload your products:

  • Name for your product and a price
  • A short description is required, a long description is optional
  • You will need one good photo to use as the main product image and some supporting images (maximum 4 – optional)

You can find the link to your dashboard by clicking on the login or register buttons. From your dashboard first click on the menu item called “Products” and then on “Add new Product”

You will see the following screen:



Step by step:

Please read these points before watching the video below. 

Fields to be edited:

  • Product Name – The name of your Product
  • Product Long Description (Optional) – This description appears below your product and is useful if you have a lot of text to add. This is also where you can place your YouTube link if you have a video to show to your potential customers.
  • Product Short Description – Be brief, but include all the information a customer might be interested in, like, what is it made of, how is it made and why your potential customer would like it.
  • Product Data – Important: The only information required here is the price and sale price if needed. You may ignore the rest of the tabs.

  • Product Category – Select from the list of categories relevant to your product.
  • Product Image (Main Image) – Your service image may not be bigger than 500kb. (This will ensure that your product page loads quickly) If your image is too big you may use a free service like Image Optimizer or  Compress Jpeg to make the file size smaller.  Alternatively you can open the image editor on your computer (Paint or Preview). These system programs can reduce your image sizes. Square Images works best but your image needs to have dimensions bigger than 100px to crop perfectly. But do not worry, our administrators will have a good look beforepublishing your product.
  • Product Gallery – These will appear below your product image and a good place to add supporting photos. Add as many as you like.
  • You can add a video in the long description if you like –  Just paste the YouTube link and your video will appear on the website, please include the “http://” part of the url.



This short video will recap the process. (no audio)