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How to Personalise your Profile

Now that your account has been approved you can load your products and customise your profiles. This page provides you with step by step instructions on how to achieve this.

Customising your store

You can find the link to your dashboard by clicking on the login or register buttons. The page will load again and you will find a link Vendor Dashboard. Simply click on it to access your dashboard. From your dashboard first click on the menu item called “Store Settings”

You will see the following page.

Here is the information you need to complete:

  • At Vendor Logo you are welcome to add a photo of yourself, or if you do have a logo or avatar, feel free to use that. (Image needs to be a good quality image, less than 500KB (to load quick) and bigger than 100kb (to look good)
  • Under Vendor Profile you may write anything that you would like to appear on your Store Page – Keep it short and to the point. Important: Do not add your image in this block please.
  • Enter your email address under Vendor Profile to receive emails for orders and customer questions.
  • You may leave the PayPal Address empty as we are not using it at this stage.
  • You may also leave the time zone as is and commission can only be changed by admin.

Important on images used: Do not use an image found on Google (or anywhere from the Internet), you will need to have permission to use this image, rather grab a royalty free image here: Pixabay or Pexels Or use your own image.

Please refrain from adding your contact information in the profile block, this might trigger spam on your account

To Change your Password – Please click on Profile from the dashboard menu to update your password:

Do you need help with updating your store / profile ?

We will be able to assist you, please complete the form below, we will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours:

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